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BEST WESTERN Inn Santa Clara: An Eco-Friendly Hotel

Eco-Friendly Hotel

BEST WESTERN Inn Santa Clara is proud to be an Eco-Friendly Hotel

Being environmentally friendly in today's world is essential and everyone of us play an important role in minimizing our carbon footprint. The BEST WESTERN Inn Santa Clara is no exception, we take great pride and place a high premium on minimizing our hotels' environmental impact through various green initiatives.

Energy Reduction

Compact fluorescent bulbs and L.E.D Bulbs, instead of less efficient incandescent bulbs are used in all public spaces and guest rooms throughout the hotel. Our Hotel Rooms consists of motion device sensors that monitor room lights and HVAC units, thus automatically turning these devices off when not in use to conserve energy.

Water Use Reduction

We have replaced all our guest rooms shower and sink faucets with water conservation low flow devices. We encourage our guests to re-use their sheets and towels during their stay to reduce the impact of extra water use from washing and electricity from drying.

Waste Reduction

We recycle paper , plastic , separate wet garbage and food products for composting. Sorting of recyclables occurs onsite by our housekeeping department. The recycle material is then disposed to recycle centers. We use recyclable disposable products wherever possible and have eliminated using foam products such as cups, bowls and plates.

Solar Powered

We proudly use solar powered energy thus driving our own clean electricity. Our hotel is equipped with solar panels that helps us reduce our energy dependency on non Eco-Friendly electricity.

Other Recycling Programs

We follow a strict recycling program for the disposal of light bulbs, batteries, electronic parts, toner, etc. These materials are taken by Items such as mattress, box spring, carpets, and furniture when replaced are taken by a recycling company (Green Waste Carpet Recycling) and


We have adopted a paperless reservation procedure opting to eliminate printing and paper usage. In addition we use recycled office paper.